Hi, I'm Peter from BYS Coaching

Hi I am Peter from BYS Coaching I help consultants, coaches, and trainers get more clients than they can handle. All of my clients that have implemented my approach gain a significant increase in revenue and generate a substantial return on their investment. That is why I am confident enough to guarantee the outcomes of my coaching or your money back.

A bit about my background

I have been a management consultant, a freelance consultant, built my own consulting firm, and led several large consulting firms, cumulating in being the Managing Partner of a large global Consultancy. My primary focus was always to grow the business, and here’s what I found:

“sales can be tough and demoralising if you have not been coached in the appropriate sales approach for your profession.”

That’s why I decided to dedicate the rest of my professional life to coaching others on how to get more clients than they can handle: not just any clients but their ideal clients. The ones who inspire you, excite you and allow you to perform your best work. My approach is designed explicitly for Service Professionals just like you and me

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management; this is the highest level of membership available. The institute considers people at this rank as:

"Fellows of the ISM are highly experienced and extremely influential as sales gurus and communicators; considered as thought leaders within the sales industry."

I am also a regular contributor for the respected media outlet Forbes that has over 19 million readers.  My articles discuss how to get more clients. Please, go to the 'Blog' page where you can read them.